The transformative power of content marketing: The why’s and how’s of writing content that sells

In a world that moves at the pace of change, where the competition is unforgivingly fierce, content is the undisputed king.

AutoMeta solution: How to increase revenues by 3X in less than 90 days

All you need is a proven revenue acceleration model that generates quality leads, nurtures automatically, sets up meetings, and converts on the go. Sounds incredible?

How to get more conversions with modern digital marketing tactics?

We constantly hear marketers talk about optimisation of conversion rates, digital marketing budget, return on investment (ROI) and conversion tracking.

7 steps to modernize your website

In the early 2000, every business wanted to have a web presence, an online address. Ten years later, in 2010, businesses moved to ‘dynamic website’ to capture visitor data on to their home page and other landing pages.

Six simple ways to give your corporate blog a professional makeover 90 minutes or less!

Without a great content strategy in place, writing a professional or corporate blog post on any topic can be a daunting task. A good B2B techno-business blog requires hours of research, and tons of effort to be put into writing, structuring, sectioning and editing.

Six life-altering lessons the COVID-19 pandemic taught me

COVID-19. It’s what’s on everybody’s mind these days. From the government to the media to the public citizenry, we all agree that the havoc created by this little virus is turning the economy on its head; sinking empires, quite literally.

How startups can fix marketing instantly and start generating traction!

John runs a high-end technology startup in Philadelphia and his technical team works on cutting-edge products that promise to solve the most complex problems of the financial world.

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing

Getting started on video marketing for your product or service may seem like a daunting task. But in the hands of the right experts, it can easily be your best ally, accelerating your brand/product visibility and acceptance rates.

Why ‘Trust Me’ and ‘To Be Honest’ are Cuss Phrases

Most salespeople and product marketing folks tend to overuse them that could potentially lead to lost opportunities.

Top 5 Marketing mistakes startups can easily avoid

As we exchanged our business cards, the title read Chief Evangelist and Co-Founder! What caught my attention was the card that had a smooth finish with elegant design and embossed logo.

Minimum viable marketing for startups

Without singling out or naming the startups, one of the lessons they taught us was if they had tested with a few critical features, they would have saved nine – which essentially means they would have avoided all the wastages in terms of time, effort, investment and resources.