7 steps to modernize your website

Subhas Desai

By Subhas Desai

7 steps to modernize your website

In the early 2000, every business wanted to have a web presence, an online address. Ten years later, in 2010, businesses moved to ‘dynamic website’ to capture visitor data on to their home page and other landing pages.

Fast forward to 2021: With the surge of smartphones, robust security and high-speed internet, businesses have realized that they need a seamless ‘modernized’ website that understands and talks to smartphone users in their style and choice.

And, the demand for website modernization has shot up almost 77%, according to a latest study done by a Canadian agency.

Today, nobody talks about ‘DYNAMIC’ websites. What businesses want today is a seamless ‘MODERNIZED’ site.

To get to the point straight, consider answering these questions. If your answer is ‘NO’ to all the questions below, the chances are your website is either a static website or a dynamic website.

  1. Is your website automated enough to generate enough quality leads without a dedicated digital marketing team in place?
  2. Does your website understand who is a returning visitor and accordingly showcase customized products/services?
  3. Is your website integrated with AI-aided CRM tools like HubSpot or Clickfunnels that run campaigns on auto-pilot and redirect leads to appropriate authority within your organization?

Dynamic websites may cover the third point, but still far from the insights a business owner would want to know. For example, modernized websites allow you to have a live chat with page visitors as they skim through your product or service pages.

Here are the 7 steps to create your modernized website.

  1. User friendly + device friendly
    Your users are spread across geographies with different smartphone resolutions. Although over a billion people use iOS or iPhones across the world, other smartphones are catching up faster than expected. If you are not optimizing your website to suit different environments, you will lose out on customer experience and stickiness.
  2. Auto SEO
    SEO will never go away. Whether it is static or dynamic or modernized, you will need SEO, but the only difference is manual SEO will be a thing of past soon. You may need to set it up initially though. With auto SEO, your business will be on God mode. There are already a ton of tools out there that can help you with SEO. Check out Screaming Frog, SISTRIX and SERPWOO. You are sure to get blown away.

    Lead magnet
  3. Lead magnets – rich media content
    Lead magnets are like ripe fruits that your prospects will pluck and eat (immediate gratification) when they are on landing pages. Lead magnets could be anything from one-page cheat sheet to videos to white papers or case studies to templates. These are the free resources your prospects would want to implement to get immediate results.

    Lead magnets are nothing new – they have been there since time immemorial -- even before the advent of the internet. Readers Digest used lead magnets to a great effect. It offered free dispatch of a booklet in return for a filled-out form with personal details. Today, it is no different – instead of offline, it’s online. But the only challenge is that ‘Free Downloads’ have become too many. You should have something really solid and valuable to generate top of mind recall.

    Also, your prospects want immediate gratification – this can only be achieved with rich media content. If you can solve a problem, for instance, with a 2-minute video, you are a clear winner.
  4. AI powered email campaigns
    Gone are the days when marketers used to sit and send out email follow-ups. Your email marketing automation does everything from hooking to nurturing prospects till they turn into customers. If you are hiring marketers for doing this, you are wasting a ton of time and money. There are, however, a good number of tools that allow automation to the most granular level you can think of. For example, emails can be triggered based on the latest content consumption and behaviors on social media. It’s a next level of automation that smart startups are leveraging today. Check out Blueshift and Simplifai.
  5. Auto traffic generation
    Generating quality traffic has always been a pain in the neck for many business owners and marketers. Today with modernized AI tools like Traffic Bot or Torpedo, you can achieve what an entire team of marketers cannot do. For example, Torpedo Traffic Generator is a new generation website traffic generator application that is designed to bring your web site popular over the Internet. The tool will help you to generate traffic to your website from different location and increase your website’s visibility in SERPs within a short duration. And these are genuine ones – not fake at all.
  6. Customer experience
    Customer experience is the cornerstone of everything you do. If your prospects don’t see solution upfront on the home page, they will jump off to some other site quickly. Immediate gratification is the mantra of this digital age. The content pieces and designs need to be at strategic locations so that your prospects can spot in less than 7 seconds.

    Your Hero Banner should be captivating enough to provide that experience they have been longing for. Your messaging on the Hero Banner needs to address their pain points and provide solutions right then and there.

    Today customer experience is not defined by the design or aesthetics but the positioning of the content pieces strategically.
  7. Continuous testing and development
    You got to update your website every now and then. Stale websites have no place in the Google world. Adopting continuous testing and development is the only way to keep your business on the top of the search engine rankings. Innovation happens only when you know what needs to be done depending on the visitor behavior. For example, using Lucky Orange tool, you can figure out which section most visitors are spending time. You can then move the important pieces of information to that section to market and sell more

    If you wish to turn your website into a modernized site with all the above characteristics, you can book a free 30-min website audit check.

If you wish to turn your website into a modernized site with all the above characteristics, you can book a free 30-min website audit check. Click here to book a meeting