AutoMeta solution: How to increase revenues by 3X in less than 90 days

Subhas Desai

By Subhas Desai

AutoMeta solution: How to increase revenues by 3X in less than 90 days

All you need is a proven revenue acceleration model that generates quality leads, nurtures automatically, sets up meetings, and converts on the go. Sounds incredible?

Generating leads is easy these days, but how many of them get into sales qualification and result in monetary terms is always a million-dollar question for many CMOs and CEOs.

Most marketing budgets are based on the gutfeel without any mechanism or system in place that gives you the insight into how the money spent on marketing is driving results for your company.

If you are spending $1 in a marketing campaign, you need to have a back-of-the-envelope calculation that shows positive returns. Otherwise, why would you spend on marketing?

Markiverse’s AutoMetaTM solution, a combination of pull and push marketing tactics, brings you a proven system that tracks, measures and drives revenues from all your marketing campaigns. You would not only know what elements in your campaigns are trigger points, but also how consistently you can fashion your campaigns to meet your business revenue goals.

The basic framework

For any campaign to be successful, you need to understand the customer journey and then map keywords. Failing to understand your buyer journey, you are setting any campaign for failure.

Your prospects are all over the place. As a marketer, you need a proven method to slice and dice a market. Eugene Schwartz popularized “Awareness Pyramid” way back in 1990 to segment any market. Based on the awareness of your prospects, your marketing pitch needs to be tailored to bring effectiveness in your messaging.

Most marketers only understand at a surface level and fail to utilize this model fully. Let’s look at this model and how AutoMeta is weaved into this to drive results.

The market size expands as you go down the pyramid, but that is a big pit. And here’s where most businesses drown. Marketers need to look up the pyramid, not down the pyramid.

Awareness Pyramid

The ‘completely unaware’ segment is a bottomless pit – it’s so deep that you would need years to nurture and a ton of marketing dollars to get them up to ‘Most Aware’ from ‘Completely Unaware’.

The “Completely Unaware” segment is a big trip. Avoid in the short to medium term.

The “Problem Aware” segment is quite big too, but the problem is you still need to pump in a lot of marketing dollars to educate the market, which in the long run will pave way, but if you are limited on resources and money, you can avoid this totally.

The next is “Solution Aware”, the sweet spot for any business. However, you got to spend marketing dollars to bring more awareness about your solution. Your prospects are aware of the solutions available in the marketplace, but they may not know your solution, or they may know your solution but may not think yours is the best. Either way you need to educate a bit.

Where do you find the ‘solution aware’ people? You can find “Solution Aware” prospects in your CRM – people who visited your solution pages, people who downloaded your lead magnets, people who requested for demos, people who asked questions on social media, and more.

Now comes another important ‘Product Aware’ segment. Prospects here are aware of your products and solutions, but somewhere they don’t seem to trust. You got build that trust factor.

Where do you find ‘product aware’ people? Like the ‘solution aware’ prospects, you can find them in your CRM too – people who downloaded multiple lead magnets, people who asked for multiple demos, people who are in your competitor client list, and many more.

The ‘most aware’ people are your clients. They know your strengths and weaknesses as much as you know. If unhappy, they don’t hesitate to jump. If happy, they are your best brand ambassadors. They spread a good word about you without you paying them a dime. Take care of the ‘most aware’ segment, and you will never go out of business.

The AutoMeta framework

The AutoMeta framework is based on Eugene Schwartz’s pyramid discussed above. What is critical is to understand the customer journey – and Eugene’s pyramid is perfect for marketers and copywriters to craft messaging and campaigns based on where the prospect is in the journey.

The better you know where the prospect stands, the faster you can help solve her problem.

Again, the core is customer journey, and the rest is how you use PULL marketing and PUSH marketing to reach your target market based on the customer journey.

The two solutions

Any marketing or sales campaign to be successful you need only two solutions:

Traffic solution

  • Pull Marketing
  • Push Marketing

Push marketing is all about pushing your campaigns and getting in front of your target market (usually with paid advertising or promotions).

Pull marketing is leveraging content to drive “interested” audiences to your sales pages. For example, if your prospects are looking out for a solution on Google, they see you on the top of the search engine ranking – purely from content and keyword perspective.

Conversion solution

The best part of AutoMeta is that you can automate every element of conversion solution, unlike the traffic solution.

The diagram below will give you a quick view of the solution.

Automation of Conversion Solution


AutoMeta solution is for every business – not just for product companies. The key is to tie up all the activities till the revenue generation seamlessly. How you map your customer journey with keywords, lead magnets, your products, CRM capture, calendar set up and narrowing down to conversions holds the key. Most marketers don’t tie the entire sequence tightly and therefore quality leads fall through the cracks.

AutoMeta bridges this gap effectively by leveraging modern tools and techniques. Want to know more about AutoMeta? Meet with our expert today.